Best Android Games In The Play Store

Android is an operating system which is Linux based. This operating system is especially designed for mobile devices which are touch sensitive, like tablets and smartphones. With over 700,000 applications to choose from, Android is known for its game applications. Here are some of them:

app11. Fighting Fantasy- Blood of Zombies

This is a digital game book of Fighting Fantasy. It is an adventurous journey in which you can win by choosing the right path and equipment, as well as avoid mishappenings and traps. You can download the free trial version from play store. The full version can cost you around $4.99.

2. Real soccer

Soccer is back again. You can even join David Villa to experience the best simulation on Smartphone. With enhanced animations, graphics, Bluetooth multiplayer as well as advanced management mode, you can enjoy classic soccer experience on real soccer.

3. The Bard’s tale

Released in 2004 as a PC Game, Bard’s tale is now available for smartphones, thanks to Android. It is a funny game. You are the Bard, through a magical song you can add more characters in battle and strengthen your party to take revenge on your enemies. This game is however not for free, you have to pay to download the mobile app.

4. Burn Your Fat With Me

It is available as a fitness application in Android store. This game uses a doe-eyed anime female character to acknowledge and motivate you to play the game by giving information about press-ups and sit-ups. To advance in the game, you have to clear fitness goals like push-up or sit ups in a given time.

5. Devil’s Attorney

This game is a turn based game which is actually set in the late 80’s. Here, the user plays the character of a defence attorney, Max McMann who is rich on charm but low on moral fibre. It is a paid game which is different from any android game.

6. Beastie Bay

In this game, you have to capture the critters, treat them as friends and train them to fight battles for you. Each critter has some strength and weaknesses. You have to analyse them to get benefited in the war.

7. Razor Salvation THD

You are a commander in this game and you have to fight for your home town. The responsibility of saving the planet lies on you. Although a Tegra exclusive gave, it may even land on other devices soon.

8. Swing Shot

By playing this game, you will surely be able to sharpen your eyesight by picking up the gauntlet and repairing the worst offenses! It is not really like a game.

app29. Fanta shooting

Apprentices at Hero institute are striving to succeed in Mori’s final test. Around this institute there are magic bombs, insects, monsters and so many disasters. You have to help the apprentice to survive in the final test.

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