Information Technology – Life Became Simpler

Present day, Information technology is the main purpose of applications in computers and telecommunications, which help to store, retrieve and transmit the data. Almost all the industries are tied up with the information technology. The computer, software, electronics, semiconductors, internet, engineering and many others industries used information technology. Information technology has helped humans to store the data, retrieve it .The information technology has three definitions in three categories. It is the technique for processing, the application with the use of statistical methods, the use of mathematics for decision making and the use of computer programs for simulation. The Information technology was distinguished as pre mechanical, mechanical, electromechanical and electronic phases. The electronic phase began around 1940.

Information technology in present day and current generation

The current world information technology is used in almost all the fields. Right from the day we get up till we sleep. Information technology had made simple alarms which wake up a man. So that he does not get late. The mobile phones which we use are a part of electronic systems which use chips which are a part of information technology. We communicate each other with mobile phones without which life is really difficult for communication. It made the communication simpler with messages and other applications which are developed like whatsapp, etc. People all round the world can be connected with each other with social media like face book, LinkedIn and twitter. Not only a person can speak with each other, but they can even see each other with the help of information technology.

The GPRS system which are placed in cars which provide directions, made driving simple and the driver need not worry if he don’t know the route. The mobiles also have the direction telling applications and they even show alternative routes for their destination. The storage of data and retrieving the data is also simple and can also be carried with the person. Simple pen drives and data cards have made this simple and have replaced bundles of papers and files. Laptops which can be carried anywhere and can be used anywhere made life easier.

Today’s generation kids also use the technology. They use touch pads or ipad for playing games. Students can get the information of any topic in seconds by using the search engines and can prepare any topic easily. The use of information technology has its application even in cooking. Videos which are available, one can easily cook any dish. Even in automobile sector the use of information technology plays an important role. Chips and few data transmitters are used in automobile sectors. The use of micro chips for storing data and giving instructions and programming a robot, had made the robots perform the task quickly and in less time. The robots can perform complex tasks in few hours and this decreases human efforts. Online banking services helped public and also the employees, funds can easily be transferred and any bills can be paid in minutes. There is no need to wait hours in the bank or billing payment centers.

So, information technology has an important role in many industries and made life easy.

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