Travel 2.0


When you think of the short comings of problem areas of any flight you are likely thinking of the seat belts being completely useless, or perhaps the fact that much of the fleet of your favorite airlines is totally antiquated in their navigation and GPS systems. These are all legitimate concerns when you think of the quality and safety of a flight, but you are likely not going to consider the fact that one of the biggest culprits in this regard is your window. That’s right, the window, the think that everyone seems to need in out of their flight and is perhaps the most beloved part of anyone flight is when they go over a geological or natural wonder like the grand canyon or Yankee stadium and have the opportunity to see it from this new birds eye perspective.To get rid of this would truly be a big blow to the enjoy-ability of peoples flight, making them feel less secure and safe in a dark metal tube. The fact of the matter is that having windows is one of the biggest issue in terms of efficiency, safety and performance is and has always been the inclusion of windows into the body of any air plane. The reason being is that you drastically alter the performance of the cabin when you put so many holes in it, and are asking for failure with only needing one to fail to have catastrophic affects in the future. Moreover, you also run the risk of having points of failure do to the sheer fact that there are two very different materials coming together and you need them to make an air, water, and high pressure, and temperature, resistant bond that is going to experience hyper wear and tear. So as it stands now it seems like there is a pull in the industry to insensitivity the windowless cabin. This is nothing sort of a bummer in the eyes of most, but when you see what they are rolling out to replace them you might have second thoughts to your need for the window seat. The reason being is that given the recent exposition in video surface technologies as well as camera interfaces there is the possibility of doing some pretty remarkable things that will be function works of art which removed the Menotti of daily existence and existential dread we usually feel at the airports. For one thing that has been pitied around is that an array of high resolution pixels will line the ceilings and laws and allow you to at night look out at the night sky as if you are flying through it with much less visible light pollution. The same effect could take place during the day time hours as you skip across the surfaces of clouds. Unfortunately a lot of these screens will be used for things like Adam Sandler and Kevin James films, but hey you can’t win them all. For the most part you are going to see a little bit of savings and there will be a new interactive and beautiful standard for air travel.


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